Demo 2016

by Kid Presentable

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released May 24, 2016



all rights reserved


Kid Presentable Canberra, Australia

-- Kid Presentable --

      Elliot - Vocals
   Anthony - Guitar
  Campbell - Guitar
Luke - Bass / Vocals
      Jaryd - Drums


 Canberra, Australia

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Track Name: 4-1-1
Taking a mile but never walked a mile.
Blinders, drawn to light. never seen past immediate sight.
Life in a bubble, fed your life, fed your spite.
Taking what you're given like a parasite.
Adopted life, no self to provide.
Contribute nothing, bound by walls inside.
Brain and body just taking up space.
Waste and mould with nothing to embrace.

The fucking frustration i feel, watching the waste and mould grow.

Use it or lose it.
Use what you got, or kill your mould.
Track Name: Smack the Guilt
Leaving trace, chasing race.
Smack the guilt, across your face.
No moral set, you owe a debt.
Empty displace, no justice met.
Your sly ways, devastate.
Your own guilt, will take it's place.
You're not absolved from consequence.
Justice now, I will present.

We watched you tear those worlds apart.
People just trying to get a head start.
You must suffer the weight, its what you owe.
You'll be dragged down, like you've never known.
By skin and bone.
To settle the score.

Smack guilt across your face.
Wipe off that smirky grin.
Suffer from the poisoning.
Guilt from those suffering.

Rage will not subside
Not absolved from life
You won't escape from this
Smack of guilt to settle it
Suffer what's owed
Smack the Guilt.
Track Name: Burn To Be Heard
Decisions, keep the threats suppressed.
Segregation, we've become obsessed.
Hate of unknown, used to incite.
Catalyst for the war on birthrights.

Out of sight, out of mind.
Off our shore, not our laws.

As they. torch themselves.
You stay completely still.
They burn to be heard
Tortured, you're not stirred?
Track Name: Sullen State
Sullen state.
Drag the weight.
Sullen state.
Escape fate.

Without a trace
Deep displace.
I stay awake.
Sullen state.

Break out